Friday, June 2: Reiki Movement Workshop/Sound Bath

7 – 8:30PM, Temecula Theater, Dance Studio


Reiki Movement/Hu-Mandala Workshop, with Sound Bath

Facilitators: Lori Craig Torok, with Steve Torok (musician)

Reiki is a form of positive-energy healing, connecting with the universal life-force energies of Divine light and love. Reiki Movement brings these energies through the body, with dance. HuMandalas are guided sacred circle ceremonies made up of a group of people while moving in unison, without leaders or followers.  Everyone aligns and connects with each other through the flow of meditative movement and dance in concentric circle patterns of people, creating the human mandala [hu-mandala].  We will be working with the healing tones of the singing bowls (metal and crystal), which are tuned to the chakras of the body and multiple gongs, which are tuned to the sound frequencies of the planets (the music of the spheres).  This is a movement/sound workshop you’ll want to experience for greater energetic balance, harmony, and healing.  All levels of dance/movement experience are welcome for this workshop.

$15 drop-in fee/FREE with class card/no observers for this one